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Spa House Priessnitz (Jeseník Priessnitzovo Sanatorium)


  • Reception
  • Lobby
  • Restaurant
  • Balneology Services
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Wellness
  • Lift
  • Parking
  • Conference facilities and facilities

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The 4-Star Spa House Priessnitz is housed in a magnificent Art Nouveau building, which is the pride of the Priessnitzových spa. All rooms and apartments are comfortably and standard equipped. The Spa House Priessnitz has a 24-hour front desk, private parking, bar and Restestaurací. In addition to Balneoprovozu, there is also a swimming pool and sauna in the building. There are 3 dining rooms in the building offering both domestic and international cuisine and options for diet and vegetarian meals.

Sanatorium Priessnitz or Priessnitzovo sanatorium, is the main spa building established in the year 1910 in Art Nouveau style. This distinctive building is situated at an altitude of 650 meters overlooking the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník, about 2 km above the town of Jeseník. Two other buildings, which include a medical villa and Jubilee Villa. It has a total of 15 suites, 48 double rooms and 35 singles, which are mostly equipped with their own shower or bathroom and WC, minibar, TV and balcony. Hydrotherapy procedures, carbonic baths, underwater and reflex massages, electrotherapy, Elektrospánek, magnetic therapy and most of the treatments offered by the spa are carried out here. In its interior there is a spa pool with a whirlpool and in the middle of the DNA tile colored to the likeness of the lion. What is not directly here is the sauna and the minimum of other treatments.

Spa Jeseník, or rather Priessnitzovy Medical Spa (until 1948 Gräfenberk, it. Grafenberg), located on the northwest edge of the town of Jeseník, is from the 19th century. century frequented by the abundant number of visitors

Treated Diseases Priessnitzovy Spa: Diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes, obesity, diseases from disorders of metabolism of substances and endocrine glands, nontuberculosis diseases of respiratory system, musculoskeletal disorders, hospital skin…  


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