Overview of the Spa in the Czech Republic

Spa Velké Losiny

Discover the thermal baths of Velké Losiny in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains

There is nothing more pleasant than plunging into the hot whirlpool and leaving the worries of everyday, guaranteed relaxation that will deliver lost energy to the whole body. In Velké Losiny, the oldest lázích in Moravia with a tradition of 450 years you can indulge in this kind of relaxation. The spa, situated at the foot of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains, offers a range of wellness and curative treatments.
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The temperature of the local thermal springs in Losiny is pleasant – about 36 °c. Thanks to this temperature, guests can treat neurological conditions and problems of muscles and bones, or difficulty breathing. Thermal water is also used in the area of health, restoration spas and for filling indoor and outdoor pools.
Lazne Velke Losiny Jeseniky

Springs and Villas Velké Losiny

These thermal baths consist of four buildings. The first is the main hotel Eliška, where you can find everything you need under one roof, as well as a beautiful summer terrace and a new spa area on a high level. Comfortable accommodation in a pleasant environment of the Spa Park can be found at Ville Gazárka. Šárka Pavilion focuses on the treatment of children with neurological diseases, while the Cottage pavilion for children with unspecified lung problems. If you have a strong health, but you want to recharge energy and relax, then Diana and its wellness programs are for you. You can try a relaxing program that uses peat baths, cupping and aroma massages, or weekends for women, including skin cleansing, facial massage and nutrient-rich beauty masks. After a few days of this kind of care your mind and body will feel as if already exchanged for new versions.

Big Losiny Termály

The site is Unikítní New Thermal park opened in summer 2015. The pools with curative mineral water offer people a unique opportunity to relax and spend their holidays in the clean environment of the Jeseníky Mountains. The complex with nine pools filled with healing thermal Sirnou water, a number of attractions and views of the Jeseník Hills is an attraction for visitors to the SPA as well as a separate entertainment filling.

Spa full of history

Great Losinys are not just a spa history of this charming town worth also to discover. The pride of great Losiny is undoubtedly its excellent Renaissance castle, notorious for its bewitched processes. In June there are celebrations of the solstice celebrations, in July and August Losiny hosts the summer of Culture with theatre and music in an elegant chateau. The big advantage of the big losiny is the possibility to go for a bit of hiking and fresh air to the nearby Jeseníky Mountains.

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