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Orea Spa Hotel Monty (Marianske lazne)

Orea Spa Hotel Monty Marianske LazneThe Orea Spa Hotel Monty offers a range of treatments using the léčivýmé effects of honey in a number of wellness treatments. During a honey massage, the active substances will undergo direct into the skin, which they nourish and regenerate. You can also bathe donkey milk. Rare donkey milk was used in the antiquity as a medicine but also for beauty because it is rich in vitamins. Some stays offer treatments with tempting scents and the healing effects of chocolate. The OREA Hotel Monty will pampered a wonderful chocolate massage and a fragrant bath with essence. Work with experts on a systematic basis to improve vitality and stronger health. Spa Hotel Monty in Marianske Lazne offers treatments, a salt-water swimming pool and half-board.

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