Overview of the Spa in the Czech Republic

Spa Hodonín

Lázně Hodonín-the youngest Czech spa

Hodonín Spa is one of the newest spa facilities in the Czech Republic. Its low location and good transport accessibility are also suitable for spa stays for seniors. Hodonín Spa offers an indoor swimming pool for its spa guests and a wide range of curative treatments and Balneoprocedur-Jódobromové baths and wraps, hand-held classical massages, underwater and reflex massages, pearl, additive, herbal and whirlpool baths, Electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, paraffin and peloid compress wraps, gas injections, myostimulátor, individual and group exercises and other treatments.

Lazne Hodonin for Seniors

The main indications in these jihomoavskcých spas are neurological, circulatory, cardiac and vascular diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, postoperative and post-traumatic conditions and reconditioning, for stays borne by an insurance company.

Hodonín Spa Hotels

The spa complex is situated in a beautiful park, which stands out for interesting garden architecture. The therapeutic complex consists of two spa houses. Clients who are paying for themselves can take advantage of the new Eva Spa House with a capacity of 104 beds and own Balneo operation. Hodonín Spa is also a popular place for relaxation and relaxation.

Medical Springs Lázně Hodonín

The basic natural curative source in the Hodonín Spa is iodine and bromine water called "brine", which is one of the highest quality waters in Europe. Iodine and bromine water has a high content of iodine salts with low mineralisation. This is compared to the water of the Dead Sea. It has unique curing, preventive and regenerative effects. It is collected from boreholes reaching almost 2 km deep, the deepest ones in the Czech Republic.

During your stay you can see many cultural programs-whether it is the beauty of Slovácko in the form of acts on dulcimer and folklore performances or daytime outdoor concerts in the season in the Spa amphitheatre and trips to the surrounding regions. The relaxed atmosphere of the family-type Spa creates ideal conditions for successful treatment processes and perfect regeneration.


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