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Karlovy Vary-Capital of the West Bohemia Spa Triangle

The embodiment of elegance, spa colonnade, lined with exclusive spa houses and a magnificent position in the heart of a wooded valley. It's Karlovy Vary. The most famous spa town in the West Bohemia Spa Triangle, in which many of the most famous personalities are treated, is today the second most visited place in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its unique architecture, rightly known as the most beautiful spa in Europe.
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Karlovy Vary was founded by the Czech king and Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th Century. It is said that the ruler discovered a unique source in the hunting of deer. Over the centuries the spa town, whose glory has surpassed the borders of Bohemia, boasts a synonym with charm, health and wealth. Celebrities such as Goethe, Beethoven, Gogol, Paganini, Casanova or Mozart, along with dozens of heads of state, attended Karlovy Vary as an oasis of tranquility with a great spa service. Recently the city hosts many movie stars at the film festival, which is one of the most important European film festivals.

Karlovy Vary springs Diana Hotels

Karlovy Vary Springs

In Karlovy Vary there are 13 hot mineral springs that are used to treat diseases of the digestive system and Metabolic disorders, together with problems related to cancer and musculoskeletal diseases. The accommodation is available in dozens of beautiful spa buildings, villas and complexes, which offer first class services connected with traditional spa treatment, as well as top modern wellness treatments. Among the most famous hotels are the Grand Hotel Pupp, considered one of the best in the world, Hotel Imperial, and Hotel Thermal, which has a large outdoor pool and offers breathtaking views of the entire city.

Here you will experience the real spa atmosphere of a pleasant walk through its charming historic core, which winds along the Teplá River. You can drink from several local healing springs and walk in the shade of elegant colonnades such as mill and market colonnade. You must not miss the Imperial baths and the Church of St Mary Magdalene. The hottest of the springs-hot spring – is very hot 73.4 °c, the hottest spring of Bohemia emerges from the Earth in the vicinity to a height in the Spring Colonnade building. In the old part of Vřídelního underground, the Springs underground excursion route is accessible.

Vridlo Karlovy Vary

Observation tower Diana with cable car

For the lovers of the prospects is to deposition the cable car to Tower Diana, from which you will see the town as if in the palm of the height of the Hill of Friendship (560 m). The Diany complex also features a mini zoo, butterfly House, a forest terrace and a fast-food stall with souvenirs. The stylish restaurant offers specialties of Czech and international cuisine both on the forest terrace or in the main hall with a fireplace and in the non-smoking winter garden. In the winter months after the turn of the year, the Diana Lookout tower is closed.

Bečov nad Teplou over hot

With an interesting history, the Bečov nad Teplou Castle is situated above the hot, close to Karlovy Vary. The restored Romanesque reliquary of St. Maura is located here, the second most valuable monument to the Czech crown Jewels and the most important Romanesque jewellery monument in the Czech Republic. It was the end of 80. Years 20. The century was found concealed under the floor in a pitiful state. It was claimed by the descendant of the noble family, who fled after the war from the castle when the castle was subsequently nationalized. The export from the Czech Republic was rejected, however, because it is a monument of incalculable value. The exposition documents the procedure of its demanding and complex restaurant.

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